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 Sharpies' Privacy Mandate

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PostSubject: Sharpies' Privacy Mandate   Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:48 pm

Sharpies' Privacy Mandate

Quite understandably, some of you may be wondering about the confidentiality of your posts in "Sharpies".

We are dedicated to ensuring your privacy in this group. Rest assured, nothing you post can be viewed by a non-registered member (guest). Even after registration, a new member has to be activated (accepted) and, finally, given permission to open and view any of the boards.

In other words, anyone not granted permission in the administration panel can only view the outside of any board. They cannot open that board and see the topics, or any messages. They cannot see our Shoutbox at all. That is invisible to all but active members, with permission granted. Nor can they view our memberlist or profiles.

The only exception is the "Welcome" board. Guests can read the information for new members. However, they can not leave messages.

What is a guest, as they appear on the "Who Is Online" list?

Guests can be several things:

* An established member visiting the group before they have logged in
* Our web host, visiting the admin. panel to correct formatting errors, at our request
* A visitor, perusing the outside of the boards
* The infamous "Google Bot", crawling key words for search engines (totally harmless)

"Locked" boards are those not intended for any posts, for admin. purposes.

If you find you do not have access to any boards, please contact me, because it means I may have overlooked adding that permission under your name.

We also protect our privacy by periodically removing members from our membership list who are not joining in with the group. Non-posting members who are removed are welcome to rejoin at a future date, provided they are ready to participate.

I hope this helps put any qualms to rest.

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Sharpies' Privacy Mandate
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