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 Our Posting Policy

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PostSubject: Our Posting Policy   Sun Jan 04, 2009 5:44 pm

Sharp Minds Forever is a friendship group, and it's the contributing members that make a group somewhere you like to visit as often as time permits. You don't need to post pictures, or write a short story to be an active member. Showing interest in others' daily activities and news is being a friend. Just a quick "hello" lets us know you are alive and well. Any contribution is valued in Sharpies.

New members who do not make an appearance after a week or two from joining are emailed to determine whether they are having difficulties logging in or posting, or whether they have decided not to participate in Sharpies after all.

Any new member who is removed from the membership list for non-participation is welcome to join the group again later, provided they are prepared to join in.

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Our Posting Policy
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